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New Batch Of Letters

Hello Family,

I just completed a new batch of letters to be sent out to a new group of companies in a particular industry. My goal is to send out a new batch every week until I have secured 4-6 strategic alliances in 4-6 distinctive industries. 

This batch has roughly 15 letters and includes the following information: 


  • My objective - To secure long term business alliances with the right company looking to expand their network. 
  • The Opportunity - There are XX amount of expiring contract in dollars in a particular industry that they are in. 
  • How I can serve them - Our Community has the access to understanding federal contracts and putting together strategies that can expand and increase the contracts awarded. 
  • My contact Information- I provided them with my best email address, my direct cell phone, and a return address. 

Hopefully, this helps anyone who may be seeking guidance on my process and increases my opportunities with the right companies out in this space. 

As always I wish each of you much success and looking forward to workin with all of you. 

- D.J. Moultrie 




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Success Story - First Prospect

Hello Family, 

I know we all have been working hard to ensure success in this program and To take advantage of the opportunity that is front of us. I wanted to share a success story we had over the past few days. 

I woke up to an email on Friday from the Executive Director of a company we reached out to earlier in the month via personalized letter addressed to the president of the organization. 

He let me know that the president received my letter and was excited to hear more about the value we can offer and wanted him (the executive director) to follow up with me learn how we can assist in the process. 

This is exciting news as this is the necessary step needed before any prospect can become a strategic ally for our vision. My hopes are that this information will encourage you as we all begin receiving correspondence and working with your selected prospects. 



1. Secure Phase 1 Meeting - By understanding the company the company in detail to properly show them how we can be a benefit.'

2. Continue working with other prospects through the 7 step methodology.

3. Secure Joint Venture 

4. Oversee Relationship


Look forward to hearing more success stories along the way. Let's have a great week and go towards your vision.


- D.J. Moultrie  


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