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"Cotton to Gold"    

Our Mission has changed...

The goal of "Cotton to Gold" is to provide a pathway to generational wealth for preference-owning individuals using group economics and government contracting. Empower your legacy Today!

Are you ready for
"The Cotton Approach?"

 Below are the skills you will need to succeed.


Autonomous Abilities

This system is not built for those who are not ready. So if you are looking for someone to hold your hand throughout this journey; don't waste your money. You will need to be the the driving force to your own success.


Work Ethic

Do you have the ability to push yourself to do what needs to be done?

This system requires you to be able to grind on a continuous basis. The government contracting environment is a rigorous arena and you must always perform at your highest level.


Intellectual Agility

Ask yourself if you are able to throw out your current understanding of contracting and/or business in order to learn a better strategy. Our approach is novel but not new. 

Therefore you must be able to adjust your intellect to meet the call.



Can you get back up when things don't go your way? This system is not a solution for those who pout and complain when things don't go well.

You must have the ability to mitigate failure by quickly overcoming all of your errors of omission, while exclusively levering 'The Cotton Approach' as your driving force.

Check out this interview with Walter Cotton to learn more!
The Cotton Approach

"The Cotton Approach" is a one of a kind approach to government contracting. This system was created by the Nation's subject matter expert and has been employed many times without fail.

The Solution Zone

The Solution Zone is a podcast that discusses things happening in society. Whether it is the systematic inequities or push for group economics.

Synergy Hub

The Synergy Hub is how we push for group economic and cross pollination within our network. it gives the ability to connect, collaborate, and synergize with peers.


MyBlog is a place for our members to connect and create discussions amongst themselves.

Basic Membership vs Premier Membership

Basic Membership includes access to:
1-Year Membership
The Solution Zone


Premier Membership includes access to:
1-Year Membership
The Cotton Approach (Life time Access)                 
Synergy Hub
The Solution Zone


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