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  • I am Rolanda.  I just emailed Tracy and told him that this module alone is worth the cost of the entire course!  Yes, I am excited and ready to put this to the test.  It's time and I'm ready!  
    Thanks for sharing!

  • What's Good Success Team?

     I’m just checking in to see if anyony else is excited and pumped as I am after viewing Model 5…Whewwwwwww pure content. I know we will discuss at our next meeting, but I am so hyped, so excited that I can see the vision coming together. I know if is a lot of information to digest but the way I tackle massive amount of information and project is “How do you eat and Elephant” ONE BIT AT A TIME.

    Recap previous Models

    Identifying 4 industries of interest.  

    Then for me in the beginning narrow down to 1 industry, after knowing the tool  the Walter will bless us with, narrow down to specific agency, product or service that is in demand or up for re-compete,  etc.

    Practice Using the form, edit them now, be prepared, get ready, cast down doubt and put up your Expectations. Lay out your financial goals, and the plan is been present for us to follow.

    We got this, we are the value added that will change the contracting Joint Venture world.

    Happy Learning, Stay Up, Keep going.

    Full Speed Ahead-(Navy-wink) J

  • Rolanda, thank you for sharing this.  I agree with you 100%. I will continue to reach out to everyone in this group so that my own level of comfortability increases with everyone. 

    Yes, let us all stay woke and unapologetic about the intentions  of THIS JOURNEY!

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to share this information as confirmation for me, that I am in the right group at the right time under the leadership of Walter. I have attended numrous events on federal contracting, but this is the first time I have notice a big emphasis on Joint Venture. Stay Woke!


  • The Supreme Court's Kingdomware mandate was derailed by a CoFC Decision not to intervein on an action the Court agreed was in violation of two points of Law.


    View PDF Document Error Response
  • VA reported that there was no real change in the rate of Veteran Suicides (i.e., still greater than 20 per day...)

    VA backs off suicide study that indicated thousands of unreported military deaths
    The report showed thousands more troops taking their own lives than official military records had previously reported.
  • Should Veterans Allow Government Wide SDVOSB Certification, Without Getting Something For It? 

    Government-Wide SDVOSB Certification: More Details on New Bill
  • Stop DoD 809 Panel's Effort To End Set-Asides

    Section 809
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