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  • I Love It when a team works...  

    Thanks for sharing CJ!!

    • Yes sir!!

  • Great Afternoon Family,

         I'm not sure if you were aware, but instead of the duo's/teams using FedMine one person at a time, we tested simultaneous sessions with the singular login and it worked!!  So, you won't need to alternate days, you and your partner can use it at the same time.

    Let's get it.


  • Welcome to the family Antonio!!!!

  • What's Good Success Team.

    Today I have been meditating on “MINDSET”. I have read thru the Guidebook about 3 times and each time more and more nuggets are revealed. Last night as I was reading it came to me that I have been thinking too small, my MINDSET has been suck on getting the crumbs. MYMPU is giving me a seat at the table. The way the case studies in the Guidebook breakdown the needs, services and requirements to fulfill the contract is amazing. 

    MINDSET Shift taking in new information, Taking Massive actions. Keep Going!! We Got This!!

    • Let's get it Rolanda!!

    • Hotep Fam -- Pay Attention To This One, As Rolanda  Is Seeing Clearly!

      ...the light you all are seeing is not coming from fire.  It's coming from the Sun.

      Thanks Again Ro__For Seeing Something & Saying Something!!! 

  • Hello Success Team, Mark Anthony here....

    Both Tracee and I reviewed module 5, and we were BLOWN away.  Personally, I am completely excited and cant wait to dive deeper. FedMine is on ANOTHER level.  So yes Rolanda, we are pumped up and ready to roll.

  • I am Rolanda.  I just emailed Tracy and told him that this module alone is worth the cost of the entire course!  Yes, I am excited and ready to put this to the test.  It's time and I'm ready!  
    Thanks for sharing!

  • What's Good Success Team?

     I’m just checking in to see if anyony else is excited and pumped as I am after viewing Model 5…Whewwwwwww pure content. I know we will discuss at our next meeting, but I am so hyped, so excited that I can see the vision coming together. I know if is a lot of information to digest but the way I tackle massive amount of information and project is “How do you eat and Elephant” ONE BIT AT A TIME.

    Recap previous Models

    Identifying 4 industries of interest.  

    Then for me in the beginning narrow down to 1 industry, after knowing the tool  the Walter will bless us with, narrow down to specific agency, product or service that is in demand or up for re-compete,  etc.

    Practice Using the form, edit them now, be prepared, get ready, cast down doubt and put up your Expectations. Lay out your financial goals, and the plan is been present for us to follow.

    We got this, we are the value added that will change the contracting Joint Venture world.

    Happy Learning, Stay Up, Keep going.

    Full Speed Ahead-(Navy-wink) J

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