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The Cotton Exchange (“TCE”) is a Boutique Consultancy focused on two primary business needs — Public Sector Advisory and Small Business Venture Management — rather than on a broad range of financial, logistics, engineering and legal services. We believe this focus has helped, and will continue to help, us attract forward-looking clients and recruit professionals who want to create outcomes that are viewed as constant market disruptors.


Whether you have an established business or are still in the growth mode, finding the right advisors to depend on for, program & venture management, government relations and strategic alliance advisory services is essential. Our professionals have a unique understanding of the challenges you face in today’s contracting environment. And therefore we are well positioned to empower you with a proven tool-set that empowers you with the ability to focus the majority of your efforts on growing your business and advancing your goals.

Our seasoned professionals combine in-depth industry knowledge with proven best practices to help small, middle-market and large government contractors achieve their strategic objectives. We work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive set of strategic alternatives and then assist in the evaluation and execution of the most suitable approach in the following core areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Government Relations
  • Program/Project Management
  • Business Development, Market Share Growth & Capture Planning
  • Contract Management & Administration
  • Joint Venturing & Public/Private Partnering


Our efforts have produced more than $13 Billion USD in contract awards, the authoring of key Small Business enabling laws, policies and programs (SBA’s All Smalls MPP, 2010 Jobs & Credit Act…etc.), and an unmatched set of well positioned friend throughout government and industry…

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Cotton Exchange Services

Public Sector

Our seasoned professionals and member alliances combine in-depth industry knowledge with best practices to help small & middle-market government contractors achieve their strategic objectives.  We work closely with our members to develop a comprehensive set of strategic alternatives and then assist in the evaluation and execution of the most suitable approach in the following core areas of focus:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Government Relations
  • Program/project Management Support
  • Business Development, Marketing & Capture Planning
  • Contract Management & Administration
  • Public/Private Joint Ventures, Partnerships & Privatization

Program & Venture Management

Our professionals specialize in the efficient structure, management and business development of Joint Ventures for portfolio federal contract pursuit; in all size and socio-economic categories; and facilitating competing firms to Venture together Risk-Free.  The Network’s interdisciplinary approach to standing Program Management Offices (PMO) leverages the full breadth of our talent and knowledge and provides counsel to our members that is derived from aggressive advocacy and extensive subject matter knowledge.


We work with federal contractors of all sizes to help them strengthen their market position and grow.  Our depth of expertise ranges from federal contracts management, cost accounting, acquisition lifecycle, bid & proposal, DCAA audits, program & venture management, engineering and organizational development.  We help our members create value for their customers and satisfy their requirements—both stated and unstated.  We educate our members on how to compete and win.  We mentor businesses on how to set up the appropriate processes and procedures to ensure that they are performing in accordance with government regulations while successfully growing their business.

The Network and our professionals provide counsel which is timely and effective.  Members count on the Network’s Resource Pool for a powerful, expert approach to meeting the challenges of their business.  The services offered include:

  • Strategic Planning & Logistics support
  • Program/Project Management & Engineering Support
  • Business Development, Marketing & Capture Planning
  • Contract Management & Administration
  • Public/Private Joint Ventures & Partnerships

Contract Administration

  • Equitable Adjustments: Claim Preparation - including changed scope of work, Constructive Change Orders, defective specifications, delays, acceleration.
  • Negotiations: Preparation, Submittal, Negotiations and Settlements
  • Cost Accounting Standards: DCAA and DCMA Audits
  • Defective Pricing: Offsets
  • Impact and Delay Costs: Equitable Adjustment pricing - Impact and Delay costs - unabsorbed overhead - profit - allocation of costs
  • Disclosure Requirements: Costing - Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) – Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)
  • Terminations: Default Terminations – Re-procurement - Mitigation
  • Terminate for Convenience (T4C): Conversion of Default into Convenience termination – Damages
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR): Federal Acquisition Regulations interpretations
  • Past Performance: Overcoming negative Past Performance Evaluations

In summary, leveraging our relationships with large national and multinational corporations; we provide our members a unique integration of legal, financial, marketing and federal policy expertise with an in-depth understanding of the business and technical foundations of the industries we serve.

We provide program & contract management and performance reporting services - and handle compliance responsibilities for populated and unpopulated government contractor Joint Ventures.

Finally, when your needs fall outside of our areas of expertise our professionals can call on our vast network to introduce our members to top-tier advisors in other organizations who can provide them with the financial planning, wealth management, legal, accounting and estate planning services that are critical to ensuring a successful venture or transaction.

JOINT VENTURE MANAGEMENT | Independent Business Service Integrator

There is a certain size at which conventional teaming structures, like the populated JV or Prime-sub arrangement, become unmanageable and cost prohibitive – in other words, you can’t win by price or best value.  This is where the efficiency of properly structured Unpopulated Joint Venture (or U-JV for short) comes into play.  And, don’t be fooled – the U-JV is not an ‘add-water-and-stir’ structure; just like driving a Ferrari properly requires a certain level of expertise; so does managing a U-JV.

In the performance of a contract; contract administration, compliance, and performance reporting requirements are applicable to the contracting entity irrespective of the business formation.  The U-JV is held to the same standards of compliance, reporting, and execution as any other “populated” business.  This business framework offers the government a “best value” solution by providing streamlined contract management (a single contract privity approach) at reduced cost (best value) as compared to the traditional “tiered” prime/subcontractor relationships.

The U-JV does not have W-2 employees; the founding members/partners enter into subcontract agreements with the LLC to fulfill the contract requirements by providing labor or performance of specific tasks.  In our capacity as an independent business services integrator (BSI), which is a program management office (PMO) function; the TCE’s professionals performs all of the necessary and traditional back-office business functions such as job cost accounting, contract/subcontract management, change management, internal/external performance reporting, compliance reporting, etc. of a normal populated business, while controlling and limiting the flow of proprietary data between the member firms of the JV.

The result is transparency, accountability, and ‘reportability’ (TAR) of data and information flow to the government.  Our goal is to protect the individual member company’s business sensitive and proprietary data from one another because they are competitors outside the JV; and still provide the seamless external TAR.  This is done through adherence to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), earned-value management (EVM), and other government TAR requirements.

Program Management

The TCE’s strong management team’s capabilities are supplemented by creative and proven teaming strategies using subject matter experts (the Alliance) for providing in depth, specialized expertise, and surge capabilities to ensure effective implementation of our technical solutions.

Our Alliance framework offers a broad range of Program Management Services.  Our team of experienced professionals provide the leadership and oversight our members need consisting of multiple project components – including project identification, design, development, and delivery.  We will ensure project schedules are met and system resources are used effectively and that all required resources including manpower, production standards, computer time, and facilities are available for program implementation.  The Network’s Program Managers serve as a focal point-of-contact with the members’ regarding program activities making sure to operate within client guidance, contractual limitations, and the Members’ business and policy directives.

Specific support areas include but are not limited to:

  • Program Coordination
  • Formulation of Acquisition Planning Strategies for Equipment and Training
  • Development of Program Acquisition and Financial Documents
  • Facilitate Milestone Reviews, TEMP Development and Contracting Sessions
  • Development and Maintenance of Current and Out-Year Planning Documents
  • Development and Tracking of Project Schedules

Program management answers the growing need for structure and methods as applied to the management of a portfolio of concurrent projects.  Under leading PMO models, a PMO establishes a normalized project environment and the corresponding level of support in the areas of planning, organization, and control of multiple projects.

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