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We're specialists in cybersecurity, risk management, cloud, software services, ERP and project management.  Been teamed with IBM Global Business Services since 2002 and are a preferred supplier for IBM.  Working today at 8 agencies and at several large companies across the US.

We've grown to over fifty associates and have built up significant past performance quals.  We're ready to chase some work either as a prime or on a small team with one or two other SDVOSBs, VOSBs or WOSBs.  We have a short list of trusted business partners we know and work with but are always open to teaming with someone whose values line up with ours.  We like working with other veteran-owned business primary because they share our values of integrity, transparency, hard work, team building, and especially straight-forward communications. 

I'd invite any potential teaming partner to view my profile on LinkedIn and to seek to connect:

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