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NuPrana LLC:

Our mission is to be the best partner for our customers, suppliers and employees. To realize our vision, we will strive for profitable growth, operational excellence, customer satisfaction and strong brand positioning.

NuPrana LLC sells its services to clients in the area of commercial construction and renovation. The company's staff designs specialized construction drawings that outline the schedule; work sequence and the materials needed for building and renovation construction projects. Owner, developers and general will realize substantial savings in labor and material costs by using NuPrana LLC's customized performance methods.

NuPrana LLC's methods offer complete adaptability at cost-effective prices. The drawings that we furnish to the contractor specify the order of assembly and erection, including the location of the strong-backs and joists, the location and actual loading of the ties, location of accessories and advise clients of the maximum allowable rate of concrete placement.

Proven professionalism and proven achievement.

Company Principal:

NuPrana LLC is responsible to its employees and subcontractors, the men and women who work with the company throughout the country. At NuPrana LLC everyone is considered as an individual and the company respects their dignity and recognize their merit. Employees are encouraged to have a sense of security and pride in their jobs. Additionally, employees are free to make suggestions and complaints. The company affords equal opportunity for employment, development, and advancement for those qualified.

I have learned that clients prefer working with top talent in one location. By design, our multiple points of expertise is another competitive advantage. With our multiple domestic and international partners, our approach affords clients the level of strategic thinking, creative partnership and tactical execution that is required for any need, anywhere. I have always shunned becoming a branch-office operation.

NuPrana uses a strategic planning process that helps our clients clearly acquire there goals. Deliverable's include confirmed objectives, strategies, tactics, time lines, resource allocations and peace of mind.

Core Values
• Our Reputation Means Everything.
•A good reputation is the hardest thing to earn and the easiest thing to lose.
• We Do More Than Is Expected.
• If Something's Wrong, We Make It Right.
•Every human being makes mistakes. We admit ours, correct them and move on.
• Work Is Where We Spend A Majority of Our Day, and it Should Be Fun.
• We Celebrate Our Success As A Team.

Summary of Qualifications:
Crisis Intervention Prevention, Communicating with Tact and Skill, How to Manage Disruptive Behavior, Stress & Anger Management, How to Handle Difficult People, Understanding & Managing Differences, Cultural Diversity & Dynamics, Client Rights & Confidentiality, Code of Ethics Employee Mentoring and Supervision, Training, Team and Leadership Development.


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