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Started by Walter Cotton III Sep 18, 2013.

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Started by Lorenzo Buford May 3, 2013.

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MPU Network Update 2014

Posted by Walter Cotton III on March 31, 2014 at 12:41pm

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History & Future Generation’s Advice on Federal Strategic Sourcing

BY Walter Cotton III

“The U.S. Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) includes a set of costs that your Nation truly cannot afford, at this date and time.  One could argue that this type of gross-misuses of a Government’s buying power would result in a trend toward wealth consolidation that produces no up-side for the Majority…

FSSI in its current form simply should be stopped now.”

This is the advice on FSSI, that in my hallucination, History would give us today.

If History had a voice.

My obligation to my Clients, Family and Members of this Network has often required me to contemplate the probable outcome of complex initiatives and strategies – in an effort to effectively connect data points that support optimal decision making.

And like any studied purveyor of guidance and advice, I have a strong opinion on FSSI.

Yet over time I have learned that my opinions pale in the face of measurable outcomes.  Therefore, I want to ask you to help me contemplate two questions that we can use as the foundation for our opinion on FSSI.

First, if History truly had a voice and could speak to us today, what advice would that voice share on the subject of FSSI?

Second, if future generations could cast their vote on this matter – how would they advise us to react to this emerging Government practice?

History’s Guidance:

In my imagination, History’s voice would charge us with the task of taking the ‘long-view’ on this issue.

This is a view that would encourage a deep look into history’s records for examples of similar efforts that followed the yellow brick road, and more importantly the destination it lead to.

This voice would be compassionate, yet firm, incorporating the allowing guidance of an Elder.  With the abundance of an educated one’s tone.  We would clearly be able to discern the prayer that we ground our decision in age old values – includes the core moral principles that were taught to us by our forefathers’.

History might also ask that we incorporate the impact of technology, human nature and the global melting-pot of intentions that today’s fallen boarders produces.

Next Gen’s Guidance:

‘This one was so simple that I could have made the call…,’ they might say.

‘If the richest person around offers you a clear advantage on selling them your product and service – you do what you need to do to secure that position.  The result of their actions, through this forcing function, will kill your competition and put you in a position of strength.  Once your competition is dead, and you are the only game in town, you can recapture your past loses by slowly pushing your price up – once they’ve made you the only choice in town. 


This may seem like an over simplification of this matter, but I am convicted by the belief that it is not.  Moreover, I am growing in my concern that unchanged the trajectory of FSSI is pointing toward a target that includes a smaller industrial base, an unstable economy and therefore a less secure Nation.

The good news is that we still have time to redirect the course of today’s FSSI.

And I am just going to be direct.

We all need to get engaged in some effort to redirect the current course of FSSI, even if FSSI is not knocking on our industry’s door today.  Because the historic truth about this type of power grab is that it never gets satisfied, and the only thing that stops it is a lack of energy (i.e., demand).

Today’s FSSI targets include the following industries:

  • Building Maintenance & Repair

  • Office Supplies, Wireless

  • Wireless

  • Janitorial & Sanitation

  • Delivery Services

  • Information Technology

  • Furniture

  • Maintenance & Repair Operations

  • Print Management, and

  • 10 Unnamed Targets for FY-2015

It’s simply not long before the majority of federal spending moves through a lane called strategic sourcing, and more importantly State & Local Governments adopt this same trend.

Yet by then, the message you are reading right now will be incorporated into a case study on the hind-sight of another lessen-learned.

I think that this is another way of saying a new page in History – Right?

I would love to read your feedback on this issue.  You can share your thoughts by hitting me on the Network or emailing me at

Continued Success…


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