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Are Veterans Welcome In ‘Tomorrowland’?

Posted by Walter Cotton III on January 16, 2016 at 12:36pm

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July 18



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Empire State Is All-In "Serving The Families That Served!"

by: Walter Cotton III
Jan 2016

On June 12th of 2015, I wrote the following words in an article entitled Are Veterans Welcome In ‘Tomorrowland’? 

"Although ‘Tomorrowland’ is just a science fiction movie – I have actually found a real “Veteranland” right here in these United States of America! ...Yet, I am clearly biased and therefore I am going to urge you to visit and see this one for yourself..."

Well; a curious thing happened as I proceeded toward revealing the fact that New York State had accepted the challenge to serve he/she who has served.

Specifically, the Governor doubled down on the 2014 commitment he made to Veterans, when he created a State wide contracting preference for Disabled Veterans.   I mean, just as I was about to make my announcement, Governor Andrew Cuomo put $1.5B Dollars of the States' money behind those regions within his State that agreed to add to their focus –supporting he/she who served.

This goal was to be accomplished through a 7 region competition that would award $500M in economic development assistance to 3 out of the 7 Upstate New York regions.  

And therefore, if you look back at the competition timeline, you will clearly understand why I was asked to delay this announcement until now.  More importantly, you will understand why it’s time for you to consider getting on a plane, train or taking an automobile ride to visit Veteran Land!

Be that as it may; the results are in, the winners have been selected and New York State is now calling all Veterans! 

And in my educated opinion, you want to take a tactical approach toward heeding this call and the selection of the region within the Empire State that you will establish your 'Business-Home' within.  Because, as with any emerging ecosystem, there are growth challenges to be managed and some sections of the state are better suited than others for specific types of businesses.

As an example; Central New York is the region that delivered the strongest Veteran Centric proposal response and received the highest evaluation score of all respondents. Therefore CNY is best suited for startups, manufacturing and knowledge based service businesses.  

And 'yes' is the answer to the question in your mind.  If you have already seen CNY’s Plan and you are wondering if I had a hand in their success.  My contribution to that Plan was the strategic expansion of the great work Mike Haynie has done at Syracuse University's IVMF.  

My vision was simple...

By funding the location of the Nation's first Holistic Veteran 'Business Resource Complex' in CNY, we would create the hub of a Veteran Support Ecosystem that can easily be duplicated anywhere within these United States of America. 

So allow me to provide you with a spoiler alert here...

You should take a close look at Central New York as an ideal home for your Veteran Owned Business, right now.  As the early bird is truly going to clean up on this one.  And there is no stronger Jobs Creation options on the horizon than the one generated by the value proposition offer by Veteran Business creation.

Yet admittedly I'm bias on this matter as I grew up in CNY, wrote the Federal Law that is the Jobs creation engine and I already know this region's true potential!

Here is the bottom line.  New York is open for Veteran Owned Businesses, and anchoring your business there features the following advantages:

  • 10 years of State-Tax-Free Operations (i.e., via StartUp New York)

  • State of the art Veteran Education, Training and Support programs
  • Federal, State and Local political support (e.g., for zoning, transportation…etc.)
  • Low cost of living (e.g., residential, leisure and entertainment costs)
  • High quality of life (i.e., a state wide value system built on morality & ethics)
  • Logistics and distribution system that provides the World with access to your products and services, and
  • Did I mention the fact that it's the new preferred home for Him & Her Who Served!


Your next questions surly should be; how do I learn more and where do I sign up?

I will exclusively be using VetLikeMe, the MPU Network and my Groups on LinkedIn to provide future advice and guidance on this very worthy subject, moving forward.

Therefore, if you think that it's time for you to get out of your fishbowl and test your fin by swimming in the sea.  You will want to join one of the above communities of practice, or connect with me on LinkedIn, as being an early adaptor on this one has some truly tangible advantages.

Can you say ‘Cha Ching...’



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